Tank Cottage

The Tank Cottage was built in the mid to late 1800s. The eastern half of the cottage was, as the name suggests, a water tank. It stored water for domestic use, pumped up from the river with a steam-driven pump. Evidence of this use remains in the very thick walls, forged iron bracing straps and buttresses to hold in the walls against the water pressure, and a large bronze tap at the bottom of the wall facing the house. The northwestern corner contained the laundry and the southwestern quarter was the ostler’s quarters. Some time after the arrival of town water, the thick internal walls were cut through, along with a couple of windows, and the tank became the Tank Cottage.

The cottage has a king bed and a single bed upstairs.

Downstairs is a bathroom, lounge with fireplace, dining room and kitchenette.

The small back yard is fenced and the cottage and its back yard are dog-friendly.